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NLP Secrets is a free resource for mastering the modern brain hack known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. Over the years, NLP has branched out in many directions. Unfortunately, many of these newer techniques lack scientific or psychological validity. As a result, the field is flooded with methods that don't truly work.

At NLP Secrets, we focus on the tried-and-true techniques that have proven effective. You may notice fewer techniques on this site compared to others, and there's a good reason for that:

We only include techniques with a solid scientific basis and proven effectiveness. If a method doesn't surpass the placebo effect or lacks scientific support, it doesn't make the cut.

That's our commitment at NLP Secrets, and we believe it's the best approach for genuine progress and transformation.

The First NLP Secret

Like many self-help niches, NLP suffers from an overload of internet marketers rising to fill the space with slurry. Plenty of NLP resources are aimed at people with "terrible lives" and promise quick-fix solutions

But what if your life isn't terrible and you're not looking for a temporary distraction? I wanted to learn how NLP works to enhance my life with a new skill set.

NLP Secrets rejects this victim mentality. Anyone seeking to empower themselves doesn't need pity from an author they've never met. Instead, they need practical, actionable knowledge.

The second problem is the scarcity of resources that actually explain how NLP works in user-friendly terms. What's more, I wanted to offer memorable explanations of what happens in your mind to make those techniques effective.

I believe that understanding how NLP works, what causes unconscious body language, and what happens in your brain during hypnosis gives you the fundamental building blocks to develop a personal NLP system that works for you.

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Pete Casale

My name is Pete Casale, and I write NLP Secrets for those interested in the human mind seeking concise, hype-free resources. I created this straight-talking site to teach the true principles of NLP without the exaggerated claims.