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NLP Secrets is a dedicated, free resource for learning neuro-linguistic programming, mild hypnosis and body language. The premise is to gain further understanding of the most complicated machine on this planet - the human mind.

The biggest NLP Secret?

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This is the truest secret of them all - what no NLP peddler would want you to know: NLP is not a true science. Sure, parts of it are - and those are the parts I use and explain on this website.

NLP was developed in the 1970s by two men, Bandler and Grinder. Since the inception of NLP, it has evolved and grown many new limbs, so to speak. The problem is, a lot of these limbs were invented by people who didn't truly understand NLP. There are a lot of "NLP techniques" out there that simply have no scientific or even psychological basis.

Of course, there are a lot of perfectly good techniques going under the NLP banner as well. Those are the ones that I discuss on this website. You may wonder why there are fewer techniques on this website than some other sites. And I welcome this challenge, because the reason is simple:

If a technique has no scientific basis, or no noticeable effect better than that of a placebo or psychosomatics, then we are not interested.

That is my guideline at NLP Secrets. I hope you agree that it's best :)

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Pete Casale

My name is Pete Casale and I'm the author of this website. I write this for people like myself, who are interested in NLP and the potential of the human mind, but are having trouble finding good, concise resources out there which aren't whipped up in marketing hype.

You see, I know that NLP is a powerful skill set, yet it won't solve all your problems. It is not a magic cure-all like internet marketers will have you believe. So I decided to create the first ever grounded and straight-talking online resource for learning the true principles of NLP.

In my spare time I like to study neuroscience, psychology, the unconscious mind, body language, linguistic effects on the mind, hypnosis and many other factors that influence the way people behave, feel and understand the world around them.

Cross-referenced fields include Neuro-linguistic programming, Cognitive, Biological, Social and Behavioral Psychology, Basic Sociology and Anthropology, Body language and micro expressions in relation to emotions, Neuroscience (the study of the nervous system), Psychoneuroimmunology (what a word! This is the technical name for the study of the interaction of consciousness and physically identifiable nervous system.), Hypnosis and hypnotherapy (this is not technically a science but then, as you will come to understand, neither is NLP!)

If you would like to learn more about my background and what else I'm doing with my life, see my article About Me.

The Problem with Every Single NLP Resource Out There

I'm sure you've already had a look around for free NLP websites, as I have done over the years. You might have also found that there are only two types of them:

  1. The scantily-clad website that doesn't really have much meaty information, other than just a re-hash of what you might find on Wikipedia.
  2. The website that looks like it has tons of videos and information, but requires you to pay $100 or more before you can access them.

The first problem I identified with many NLP resources is they they are aimed at people who have a terrible life. It's always "Change Your Life with NLP in 15 Minutes a Day!"

I don't consider my life to be terrible at all, and I was never seeking a phony quick-fix solution that temporarily distracted me from the issue. I simply wanted to learn how NLP works so that I could have a new skill set to further enhance my life.

NLP Secrets eschews this victim mentality, because anyone who is willing to seek and learn techniques to empower themselves (or upgrade themselves, as I call it) neither wants nor needs pity from an author they've never met! (Rant over).

The second problem is that it is very rare to find a place that actually explains how NLP works. It's similar to the old saying: "give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime". Some websites tell you some very good and viable techniques for NLP, but it's so difficult to find a comprehensive, scientific explanation of what is actually happening in your mind that causes the technique to have an effect!

I believe that if I explain how NLP works, what causes unconscious body language, and what happens in your brain during a state of hypnosis - then you have the fundamental building blocks to develop your own personal NLP system that truly works for you.

One last thought. I'm not anti-gurus. There are true NLP experts out there who really help people with their lives and do great things for us. Tony Robbins, for example, may be a millionaire from his self-help seminars and courses, but he's a genuine expert in the field and is doing great things for millions of people. I do not wish to imply otherwise.

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