How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Subliminals

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with SubliminalsIt has always been possible to induce specific types of dreams by using subliminal images. So too can you use subliminal images to induce lucid dreams: vivid dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming and have full control over the dream.

What are Subliminals?

Subliminals, or in this case subliminal images, are images flashed for a very brief time, too quickly for the conscious mind to perceive and record into working memory. The far superior unconscious mind picks up these images and stores them "out of sight" without the viewer knowing about it.

The subliminal images will still have emotional content and can still influence certain types of behaviour, although there are no ways to brainwash people by showing them subliminals. In the mid 1950s, various advertisers would attempt to use subliminal images to persuade their audience to buy goods. For example, the word "thirsty" was flashed for 5 milliseconds during the trailers preceeding a movie. This was intended to make people go get a drink from the candy bar before the film started. However scientific testing showed that these subliminal images had little effect better than that of placebo.

I repeat, it is not possible to brainwash people using subliminal images.

What Can Subliminals Do?

Subliminals can give us images and themes to process subconsiously. They can also be used to remind us of other images or themes we've already experienced. This is no different to reminding someone of a past event, in that it does not force anyone to act upon a subliminal message. Subliminal messages can be brought to conscious recognition easily, which is what the video I've made will do. Specifically, the video will help you recognise a dreaming state and become conscious while in this state.

The Video - Part 1

This is a video that contains various non-subliminal images and NLP techniques to help you prepare for the subliminal instruction to become lucid while you are dreaming. I recommend you watch this video once, and then listen to the video a second time with your eyes closed, concentrating on following the spoken instructions. Feel free to watch this video several times during the course of the day, in fact, the more times you watch it over the day, the more effective it will be. You can view the video below:

The Video - Part 2

This video is displayed at 60 frames per second and contains subliminal images. You should have your sound on to a comfortable level, preferably using headphones. The video only lasts half a minute, but you should only watch it once, before you go to bed. If you find your dreams are still not as vivid as you would like, you can try the whole process again for as many days as it takes. The more days you repeat this in a row, the more effective it will be.

You can view the subliminal video here...