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Use NLP and Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Everyone I've ever met who has permanently quit smoking has done so with NLP and/or hypnosis. Most chemical methods to stop smoking simply help you resist the strong temptation to light up another cigarette. Hypnosis / NLP works much better because it makes the thought of another cigarette unbearable. NLP and hypnosis can make you simply not want another cigarette. Read more...

Easy Guide to Self Hypnosis using Subliminal Messaging

Upgrade yourself - Matrix-Style! This easy guide shows you how to use Subliminal Messaging to enchance Self Hypnosis. The subliminal messages speak directly to your unconscious mind - even while you sleep. Too good to be true? Read more...

NLP Weight Loss

Weight Loss can not be achieved with NLP - but NLP can help you change your habits so that you can easily lose weight. What if celery tasted like chocolate? What if going for a run felt better than going to the pub? How easy would it be to lose weight? NLP can make this possible. Find out how to change your future in just five minutes.

How to Induce Lucid Dreaming with Subliminals

It has always been possible to induce specific types of dreams by using subliminal images. So too can you use subliminal images to induce lucid dreams: vivid dreams in which you are aware you are dreaming and have full control over the dream. Learn how!

Lucid Dreaming and the Inner Self

Lucid dreaming is a powerful mental ability that virtually everybody can access. It is a state of awareness that enables you to consciously control your dreams with clarity. A lucid dream begins with the simple realization that you are dreaming, which awakens the conscious brain while the body remains in a restful slumber...

How to Hypnotize Someone

Hypnosis is best thought of as a special state of mind which is very relaxed, cerebral, and above all suggestible. When you are in a state of hypnosis or hypnotic trance, you have a strong sense of ability to control your own brain, which is why it marries up with NLP so closely.

Mirroring - The Easiest NLP Technique for Building Rapport + QUIZ

Mirroring is simply the process of mimicking subtle behaviours within whoever we are communicating. Think you're good at this already? Read the article, then see how good you are at mirroring with our fun 3-minute quiz!

How to Talk to Girls - NLP Secrets of Seduction

Have you ever found yourself talking to a person you just met, and immediately faced with an awkward pause? In this quick guide, I'll explain the best ways of opening a conversation and keeping a conversation going forward.


Although presuppositions are covered by the classic NLP syllabus, it is often misunderstood. It's a simple building block of the NLP Meta Model - but because of its use in hypnosis and suggestion I think the humble presupposition deserves its own page on!

NLP Technique - Framing

Framing is one of those NLP techniques that fits in well with other NLP techniques. The framing technique itself is a type of emotional amplifier or deamplifier, which works by rebuilding (or could be perhaps considered correcting) links in your limbic system between your amygdala and your hippocampus.

How to use NLP to Cure Phobias and Fear of Flying

NLP is great at curing phobia, simply because phobia originate from your mind and NLP allows you to master your mind. In this easy guide to using NLP to cure phobia, we will use the common fear of flying or air travel as an example. The same NLP technique can be applied to almost any phobia.

The Basics of Rapport

Rapport is important in life. If I had only one interpersonal skill in an otherwise dull, boring personality, that skill would be rapport. No question about it. Rapport is that feeling you get when you look at someone and instantly think "I will get on well with this person." Rapport is what bonds us.

NLP Meta Model

This basic NLP identification technique can help you understand the underlying reasons behind someone's verbal statements. The NLP Meta Model is very useful at breaking down communication barriers and bringing unconscious thoughts to the surface..

NLP Masters

NLP masters I would define as those who have truly understood the mechanics of NLP, taken it to its thoroughbred level, show us the awesome capabilites of NLP and thus inspire us to master NLP ourselves. NLP masters (or NLP gurus) are always very positive people who help others develop the tools to become positive themselves. Positive people have positive lives, this is undeniable.

How to Gain Confidence

Would you like more confidence? Here is a quick guide on how to gain confidence in just five minutes using easy NLP techniques!

Regions of the Brain

A simple guide to each part of the brain and its respective function.

NLP Seduction: Where to Meet People

It is so important to pick the right location to meet up with someone for the purpose of seduction. Depending on whether you are after a quick fling or looking for Miss or Mister Forever, the location of your efforts make a huge difference.

A Free, Basic Hypnosis Script

A simple free script for the induction of hypnosis.

NLP Seduction: How to Approach Someone for the First Time

How to approach is an art in itself, as there is never just one right way to approach someone. You need to judge their body language and "cold read" them to choose the right approach method. The best methods and tips for approaching a stranger with the intent to build instant rapport.

How to Tell if Someone is Lying

There are at least a hundred unconscious signals made when a lie is told. Here we discuss the quickest, easiest and most reliable ways of spotting a lie.

NLP Techniques

All the individual techniques NLP has to offer, including some cutting edge experimental NLP techniques you simply won't find anywhere else. Articles give clear examples and include an easy-to-understand scientific explanation of how they work.